Hybrid Manufacturing

The hybrid manufacturing process is based on WAAM process (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) combined with the five-axis machining. The machining is used after every AM step/layer for alignment of the produced part geometry. The main advantage of this procedure is, the subsequent AM operation can be done of well-defined geometric surface. The key advantages of the whole process are: high productivity (0.2 – 1.0 kg / hour), low cost of final parts (EUR 100-130 per kg), wide spectra of materials to be processed, safe process (no fine powder is applied), complete integrated process chain. The process is suitable for production of various thin walled parts with closed geometry, for production of parts with internal channels (e.g. cooled moulds), for production of added geometrical features (e.g. various mouthpieces) or for renewal applications (e.g. renewal of worn mold and dies).