Learning Hubs


Dinasore is a digital-twin software developed by FEUP and available as learning hub of M-NEST-RIS. In an industrial context, this tool allows to understand the past (by tracking historical context and data), to monitor present conditions (being regularly updated with sensor data) and to predict the future (by synthesizing and contextualizing historical and real-time data to give insights into potential future states).


WELDPRINT is a machine tool available as a learning hub of M-NEST-RIS by CTU. This hybrid manufacturing testbed combines additive WAAM and subtractive milling processes. The patented procedure uses machining after every AM step/layer for alignment of the produced part geometry. The subsequent AM operation is done on well-defined geometric surface. The process is suitable for production of thin walled parts with closed geometry, parts with internal channels or parts with added geometrical features.


M-NEST-RIS project has Robotont robots as testbed available by University of Tartu (http://robotont.ut.ee). Robotont is an omnidirectional mobile platform that can be used to demonstrate, teach and test computer vision, artificial intelligence, and collaborative robotics capabilities and solutions. Robotont combines hardware and software for highly engaging experience-based learning and makes the full use of ROS (Robot Operating System) support. Depth camera, omniwheels, transparent and modular design are some of the key features of Robotont hardware.

LAY2FORM Testbed

LAY2FORM is a multimaterial processing learning hub available at M-NEST by INEGI. This testbed integrates into a single platform 3 manufacturing stages: lay-up, consolidation and hot forming. Firstly, tailored layups of composite prepregs with metal foils are performed in an automatic way, in contrast with the conventional approach of manual layup. Following this process, applied pressure and temperature assists the in-situ consolidation of composite prepregs. In the third stage, the pre-heating of composite-metal tailored blanks and its 3D hot forming is supported by selective heating. This unique industry-scale equipment able to process multimaterial systems enables the production of hybrid metal-composite components with optimized efficiency and properties.

Welding Automation (Robotic Cell Testbed)

CogniWeld (LMS testbed) is the MNESTRIS tool to approach welding, automation, cognitive control, Quality Asseessment, even Cell Safety. This testbed is used to aggregate data related to the robotized welding process and raise discussions about cognitive control & automation.